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Are there any other naruto servers up at the time?
The Hyuga Clan Icon_minitimeFri Jul 17, 2015 7:57 pm by haseo881
as by the name of the title im looking for a naruto server that is running. Please help me find one

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 The Hyuga Clan

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The Hyuga Clan Empty
PostSubject: The Hyuga Clan   The Hyuga Clan Icon_minitimeSun Feb 01, 2015 6:18 pm


The Hyuga Clan 1wOvZM1l

The Hyuga

The Hyuga clan is renowned for their Byakugan doujutsu, and were among the noble families of Konohagakure before the formation of the Village Hidden in the Future. The Gentle Fist style is known as the strongest Taijutsu style in the Shinobi World.

C-Rank Ability

[Prodigious Training] +2 to Juken learning checks, -1 to Byakugan Maintenance Costs
Those of the Main Branch Hyūga are given prodigious training a step above the normal members of the Clan, giving them specialized training to give them greater power with their Byakugan.
Genin: +1 Dexterity Rolls, +1d4 Taijutsu Damage, +5 CP
Chuunin: +2 Dexterity Rolls, +1d6 Taijutsu Damage, +10 CP
Special Jounin/Jounin: +3 Dexterity Rolls, +2d4 Taijutsu Damage, +15 CP

B-Rank Ability

[Byakugan] Gain "Juken" as a Focus
4 CP to activate, 2 CP maintenance
The Byakugan is the Dojutsu with the strongest capabilities of perception in existence,  Capable of seeing so well it can pierce through solid objects, this Dojutsu allows the user to see the Chakra Network of others and thus learn to utilize the specialized Taijutsu style known as Jyuuken.
Genin: +1 Atk/Def, 20-20 Universal Critical Threat Range, +2 Jyuuken DR Ignore
Chuunin: +2 Atk/Def, 19-20 Universal Critical Threat Range, +4 Jyuuken DR Ignore
Special Jounin/Jounin: +3 Atk/Def, 18-20 Universal Critical Threat Range, +6 Jyuuken DR Ignore

A-Rank Ability


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The Hyuga Clan
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