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Are there any other naruto servers up at the time?
The Aburame Clan Icon_minitimeFri Jul 17, 2015 7:57 pm by haseo881
as by the name of the title im looking for a naruto server that is running. Please help me find one

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 The Aburame Clan

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The Aburame Clan Empty
PostSubject: The Aburame Clan   The Aburame Clan Icon_minitimeSun Feb 01, 2015 6:05 pm


The Aburame Clan 7Sb2G0Ll

The Aburame

The Aburame Clan were once one of Konoha's Four prominent clans. At birth they are introduced to a special breed of insects and their bodies become Hosts. Living symbiotically their Chakra feeds the insects in return for the eternal ability to manipulate them. For this reason their Shinobi are powerful if eerie insect weapon users as well as experts in espionage and tracking.

C-Rank Ability

[Clan Aburame] Gain Aburame Clan Hijutsu Focus +1d4 Cp damage bonus to Clan Jutsu
The Aburame are Hosts of special insects. The most common insects, the Kikaichu are chakra devouring bugs that can be used with terrible effectiveness for a Shinobi.
Genin: +1 to Wis, +1 cp dmg dr, Gain Kikaichu Host
Chunin: +2 to Wis, +2 cp dmg dr
Jonin: +3 to Wis, +3 cp dmg dr

Kikaichu Host
Type: Hijutsu
CP: [Dependent on Rank] 3/5/8/13
Description: By stimulating their Kikaichu the Aburame can direct the insects to consume foreign venoms that are introduced to their body.
Effect: Removes poison from Host. Wis Modifier Determines degree of poison removed.
05 Mod: D rank and below
10 Mod: C rank and below
15 Mod: B Rank and below
20 Mod: A Rank and below

B-Rank Ability

[_____ Breeder]
Submit Custom Insect Based Ability

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The Aburame Clan
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