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Are there any other naruto servers up at the time?
The Yamanaka Clan Icon_minitimeFri Jul 17, 2015 7:57 pm by haseo881
as by the name of the title im looking for a naruto server that is running. Please help me find one

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 The Yamanaka Clan

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The Yamanaka Clan Empty
PostSubject: The Yamanaka Clan   The Yamanaka Clan Icon_minitimeSun Feb 01, 2015 5:57 pm


The Yamanaka Clan TtWgOi0l

The Yamanaka

A Clan primarily of Shinobi the Yamanaka own a Flower shop within the Village Hidden in the Future. They specialize in Mind related Techniques that make them adept at Intelligence gathering and espionage. Their unique telepathy based Jutsu also make them skilled sensor and support nin. Most members share blond toned hair which they traditionally wear in a fashion of a long ponytail. The Yamanaka share a special relationship with the Akimichi and Nara Clans.

C-Rank Ability

[Clan Yamanaka] Gain Yamanaka Hijutsu Focus (Ninjutsu), +2 to DC for Clan Hijutsu, +2 to Clan learning rolls
The Yamanaka Clan were often overlooked in old Konoha. Their technique, while powerful was never conducive to the quick pace of battle, at least in the beginning. The Yamanaka Clan specializes in sensory techniques, and mind dominating Hijutsu. They are adept at playing their opponent against themselves, though their true light shines within the Ino-Shika-Cho Formation.
Genin: +1 to Wis Rolls, +1 to Clan Hijutsu Durations
Chunin: +2 to Wis Rolls, +2 to Clan Hijutsu Durations
Jonin/Special Jonin: +3 to Wis Rolls, +3 to Clan Hijutsu Durations

B-Rank Ability

[Telepathic Combatant] -2 to Durations of Mental effects on the user, +10 CP
As they develop their Shinobi Art the Yamanaka gain a greater proficiency in psychic warfare. They become adept at turning aside such attacks on their own person, and erecting powerful defenses against those that do afflict them.
Genin: +1 to defense and break checks vs Mental effects, +1 dr to Cp dmg
Chunin: +2 to defense and break check svs Mental effects, +2 dr to CP dmg
Jonin/Special Jonin: +3 to defense and break checks vs Mental effects, +3 dr to CP dmg

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The Yamanaka Clan
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